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Our Mission..

We are a small, yet dynamic and energetic Production Team. Between us, we strive for excellence in our field.

We provide our clients with an efficient production, start to finish.

With all the necessities, from locations to crew, to the amazing experience that Cape Town has to offer!


We have it all. With 9 out of the 12 biomes within a 100km of the main city, nothing is out of our reach. We strive to put together professional, hard working and friendly crews to get the best out of your production.

We pride ourselves in organizing and prioritizing all your production needs. Including, but not limited to, accommodation, locations, crew, transport, equipment, props, wardrobe, catering, scheduling, transport, post production and much much more!

Going the extra mile on each and every shoot!


Check out our latest projects: Anthropologie, Baby Shop, Friendly Hunting

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2 Productions

The team takes immense pride not only in the creativity and work we produce, but also service. We love great design and thrive on the enthusiasm of the businesses we work with on a daily basis.

We work with the best to provide you with the best.

Our Clients And 
Max New
"From a production perspective, 2 Productions are world class. I've never had concerns on quality, care or deliverables with them managing the creatives or my clients. No request is ever to large or too obscure."
Cara Johnson
Cara Johnson Photography